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How odd to find a posting about Iron City beer on a UK site. I just returned from honeymooning in the UK--"honeymoon" being a polite term for an extended, expensive pub crawl.

I experienced a lot of fantastic brews there, my favorite probably being a pint of Bass I enjoyed in a rather seedy, run-down pub in Liverpool. I'd had plenty of Bass in the states, but usually in bottles or masked in a black and tan. This Bass was on cask, however; drawn and served room temperature. Thoroughly delightful with just enough of an alcoholic kick to dull my anxieties about drinking in a rather seeding, run-down pub in Liverpool.

So I'm originally from Pittsburgh, home of the local delicacy that is honored on this site. I recently moved to Cleveland, OH (the ugly step sister of Pittsburgh) and currently work part-time for Great Lakes Brewing Company ([URL removed by moderator]), who brew several award winning beers including the Dortmunder Gold. The Dortmunder Gold is the only beer to ever win four consecutive World Beer Championships, held in Chicago, IL. And I love that beer. It's very balanced, hoppy but not too hoppy, a fantastic drinking beer if, say, you're having a couple after a hard day of say, corporate training at a mid-sized recruitment advertising agency. (Just for argument's sake.)

But what beer do you drink after a hard day of shlepping halupki or peddling babushkas? Well, that's AHR, people! Best darn bulk-drinking beer there is. Many a University of Pittsburgh kegger was fueled by Iron City. (I say that representing my husband's alma mater. We folks who went to Penn State drank Yuengling, [URL removed by moderator], which I'll wax poetic upon, perhaps, in a later posting.)

If you're drinking Iron, you're definitely drinking for QUANTITY. Although this writer holds a spot in her heart the mighty Pittsburgh brew, surely an indicator of this beer's inherent quality?

Try it for yourself.

Best places in Pittsburgh to "Pump an Ahr":

Dee's Cafe, Southside
Guskie's, Polish Hill
The Squirrel Cafe (The Cage), Squirrel Hill
Any campus kegger, porch party, or backyard BBQ


Lady D


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ViceChancellorGriffin Keeper spelling Mistakes and Goldfish

This should be a guide entry all it needs is a better name . all you need to do is high light coppy enter new guide entry and past in and rename and then add guide entry and there you have it a your first entry .


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Jimi X

Hi Lady D! So you're a Nit eh? I was planning to write an entry about the oldest brewery in America, but I never seemed to get around to it.

I went to college at IUP and it was always Iron City on tap - living in southcentral Pennsylvania, getting a can of Iron is always something of a nostalgia trip for me (memories of lost brain cells? smiley - winkeye )

Anyway, there's lots of good entries on Pennsylvania still waiting to be written - or you could even start off with one on the Great Lakes Brewing Company - sounds like you know (and love) your beer! smiley - ale

btw: Welcome to h2g2! If you write something on your personal space by clicking the 'edit' button, other researchers here will be able to swing by and say 'hello'. This is a really friendly site with lots to see and do!

I'm glad you appreciated my Iron City entry. This site might be owned by the Beeb, but they don't mind odd little entries from anywhere - it's really quite fab!

And if you're pouring, mine's a smiley - stout !
(I've really taken to the dark stuff lately)

Cheers! smiley - cool

- Jimi X

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