A Conversation for Terrorism


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Moatas; Muse of American Ways

Some might think that terrorism is a way for a particular
political group(s) to express their viewpoint. Others, say that the Terrorists are fighting a war (declared or otherwise) and are War Criminals.
Amoug the truths one might devine from terrorism is the
cowardness of its 'warriors'. It takes no bravery to attack a bus full of civilians. No resolve to kill a father returning home from the market with food for his family. No mandate from man or god could
reason the crippling or deaths of non-combatants.
They lack the ability to face their 'oppressors' face-to-face. and can only muster enough back-bone to kill and maim unarmed people.
To condone terrorism is to be non-thinking entity, no worthy of the title 'human'.
To commit terrorism is probably the greatest crime a person or group can perform. Unworthy of any rewards, 'heavenly' or here on earth. Their idea of Allah or any other god, would want them to do such deeds speaks of way men twist religion to suit their own selfish purposes.


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Amen. And I'm an atheist, so consider that a compliment. smiley - winkeye

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