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This is a copy of my post in the topic “LONDON BOMBS-QUESTIONS”: in “Current Science” forum of “Scinence & Nature” MB:


“Today, an young man of Asian appearance was shot ( 5 times ) after being pushed to the floor by police agents in the Stockwell station.
As far I know police only can shoot somebody if he poses a real threat to other people.
Some witnesses told that he wasn’t carrying any gun or bag.
Police officers said that: "He ran, they followed him. They say they gave him a warning, they then shot him.”
But if they were capable to push him to the floor that means that they were quite close to him and therefore it is unlikely that he had a bomb.
If he wasn’t armed and neither he had a bomb, why the police shot him if he could give a lot of important information about his possible links with terrorist organizations ?
Another passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News the man had been wearing a "bomb belt with wires coming out".
But if that was true, why police officers got so close that they could even push him to the floor ?”
Today I found out that my suspicions of police overreacting and killing an INNOCENT PERSON were confirmed.
The young man was a Brazilian and he had nothing to do with the bombs.
And I would like to register another strange fact. I just watched the BBC News 24 at 9 PM ( 23-07-05 ) and they said that the police STILL DO NOT KNOW HIS NAME AND OTHER DETAILS.
How in the hell, five minutes before, I read in the brazilian newspaper “Folha de Sao Paulo” ALL THE DETAILS OF THIS PERSON.
His name is Jean Charles de Menezes, age 27 and he is an electrician.
How is it possible that the brazilian journalists living far away, knew this information before the british police.
It is clear here that either the Police or the ### is hiding information !


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Sid The Lid

Hell yeh! 1984 was a bit slow in arriving,everyone can relax, now we know 'they' are looking after 'our' interests! Something stinks about this whole episode, and it is not fish!

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