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Misunderstood philosophy of the X-Files?

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Huw B

I watch and enjoy the X-Files from time to time but am not an X-Phile myself.

Many people associate the show with the world of the 'unknown' and the 'unknowable' but I think the theme of the show is precisely the reverse of this. It is evident throughout the series but the show's by-line "the truth is out there" says it all. It is that (a) there are underlying truths to all mysterious phenomena that are understandable to human beings (b) that if you try hard enough, you will obtain these truths. The show's underlying belief is rational and very American, especially (b) - i.e. if you put enough effort in, you will achieve anything you desire.

Clearly, there are plenty of episodes where the truth is obscured from the characters. The overall storyline is still filled with questions, even after it was apparently all explained (you know, the one where the faceless rebel aliens burnt them in the hangar! I'm not an afficianado, I don't know these things!). However, I believe that there is an underlying implication that the truth is obtainable, even if Mulder and Scully themselves don't always do so.

Any views on this?

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Misunderstood philosophy of the X-Files?

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