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Help in Mandarin!!

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Hello, new member, I work in a High School in Liverpool. In September, we enrolled a Chinese girl into Year 7 (11-12 yr old) who had only been in the country a couple of days. Obviously it's near the end of the school year and we have just had her exam results. She is a very bright girl, but these results do not reflect her ability. Can anybody give me a few simple phrases to speak to her? Things like: do you understand? can you explain it to me? simple things that will make her feel quite comfortable. She has a good understanding of the English language but we don't feel she can express herself as well as she understands. Cheers


Help in Mandarin!!

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ni hao = nee how = hello

wo keyi bangzhu ni = wor keree bangjew nee = i can help you, if you add xue=shuair=it means study

wo shi nide pengyou= wor sh nee duh pungyo= i am your friend change pengyou to laoshi= laao shh it means teacher, let me know if you want more.

hui tou jian= hway toe jee en= means seesmiley - cool you later

Help in Mandarin!!

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Just Plain Yogurt

Just wondering, how did you learn Chinese?

Help in Mandarin!!

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hi i have been learning with my family. we are studying at home, but also speak to lots of chinese people in our area. we ask them if we could ask them a question and then ask them in chinese. we now have many chinese friends. we are also reading lots of chinese literature from many places. we are JW's and we want to help people understand our beleifs, so this helps too.

speak to as many chinese as you can, they are very helpful

cheerssmiley - biggrin

Help in Mandarin!!

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Just Plain Yogurt

Thanks! smiley - biggrin

Help in Mandarin!!

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I think you can comfort her by saying:bie2 shang1xin1=do not be sad .

Help in Mandarin!!

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ni ming bai ma?-nee mingpai ma?do u understand
rang wo jieshi zhe ge wenti,hao ba?rang woh chiyesheer ch gau one thee,haoo pa? can you explain it to me?
u just lemme know ,i ll try helping u.
cu ,bye

smiley - smiley

Help in Mandarin!!

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Hello my brother. I began learning inJan.20008. Any help is great.I am with a small group with the same goals. very much enjoying the process. chrisgant

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