A Conversation for Handy Mandarin Chinese Phrases

I want to learn more!

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Does anyone know any more forgein words?

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I want to learn more!

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Researcher 188007

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I want to learn more!

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Commander Jameson

Yes, I live in Foreign, therefore I speak Foreign very well.

My girlfriend (who is Dutch, like me) went to northern Australia (before we met) and worked on a farm for a couple of weeks. The owner of the farm (who wasn't very good at farming either) did not believe that there were people on Earth who didn't speak English. He did believe the existence of the UK and America, but that was the limit of his world of perception. When she spoke a couple of dutch sentences to him, he though she was making it up. In his defense: they didn't have T.V., radio of newspapers.

I want to learn more!

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Foreign is a beautiful country, I went there once on business of pinstripe suit sales. Anyway, I know a few foreign phrases and I'm fluent in French. And I only took two years of it!

Fermez le bouche! ([fermei le boosh] Basically "Shut up!" or, more accurately: "Shut your mouth!")

Je t'aime. (Means "I like you." but is used as "I love you.")

Merde. (A curse word/outburst, like "Dangit!" to keep the post clean).

Salut! ([Sah-loo] Informal way of saying "Hi.")

Ciao -

Ich habe ein Schwein in meinen Hosen (Means "I have a hog in my pants"). It's a very useful phrase and happens to be the only German phrase I know. Other than Sheiza(sp).

Ya be sae sarron ye (spelling is probably completely wrong so I just based it on what it sounds like). I have no idea what it means. Just go to Croatia and start saying it. Note peoples' reactions and come to your own conclusions. I take no responsibility for any injuries you may sustain.


Konnichiwa - Hello

Baka - Idiot

Inu - [Ee-new] Dog

Neko - Cat

Watashi wa kami desu. - I am God.

Drowish: (Drow)(Dark Elf)

Vendeiu - Hello.

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