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Synchronomancy1 is a new form of divination that takes into account those seemingly meaningless coincidences that pepper our every day lives.

If you have ever went to call someone, and found them on the line already, or said a word a split second before seeing it you know what synchronicity is. The theory goes a little something like this: we are part of the universe and the universe is part of us. All energy touches and is part of all other energy. Think chaos theory, think ripples in ponds over-turning lily-pads and frogs falling in water producing more ripples and you'll get it.

Now, to mix metaphors, but not too harshly, and to simplify rather a lot, picture the energy of your life flowing as a river, with your conscious riding different currents. For the sake of argument, picture currents flowing either upstream (good currents), or downstream (bad currents).

Now, when these little bits of synchronicity pop up in our lives we sometimes glimpse, sometimes for the briefest of moments, the interconnectedness of things - the flow of our lives.

Now here is the clever bit. The nature of these glimpses, of these brief portraits of connectivity, can tell you things about your life. Was it a good coincidence like phone synchronicity or a bad coincidence like selling something only to need it the next week for the first time in years, or a neutral one, such as saying a word only to see it in print as your eyes settle to the page. These things can tell you what currents you are riding, and once you know if you are heading upstream, downstream, or stuck in a eddy, as it were, you can look deeper.

How big was this coincidence? Larger ones can mean more than smaller ones, and more frequent ones may mean more than singular ones. For example, saying something inappropriate when the only person who shouldn't hear it is right behind you may signify a bad day current, whereas a series of such events may signify that you are riding a bad wave and cutting across the flow of the universe (which for the sake of optimism we will assume is positive). The way you feel about these occurrences can also mean a lot. Do ambiguous coincidences sometimes make you irrationally happy, or sad, angry or trigger other thoughts? These introspections can be more difficult, but come after practice. If a good piece of synchronicity makes you happy and makes you think about a certain person, chances are that the specific nexus of energy flowing between you and that individual is positive and happy.

1From the roots syn (same), crono (time) and mancy (to divine magically).

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