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Stars in Science Fiction

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Steve K.

"The stars are at many different distances from us, but are all so far away that they appear as points of light. Because of this, they seem to be set in a black sphere ..."

I recall a sci-fi short story about a deep space station run by a computer (robots?). Some human repairmen show up after many years for maintenance. The computer has developed consciousness and decided that the entire universe is the station (and that "god" is the power supply?) The humans try to convince the computer that there is a big universe outside, asking what is seen through the window ports. The computer says something like, "Exactly what it looks like, tiny bright lights on a black material just outside the port." Hard to argue with that, especially with some lame brained story about billions of massive stars billions of light years away. smiley - tongueincheek

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Stars in Science Fiction

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"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a wholly remarkable book. It has been compiled and recompiled many times and under many different editorships. It contains contributions from countless numbers of travellers and researchers."

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