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Craic, by the way...

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Captain T A Nuge, leader of the Clique (A3542186) Join today! -Back from the dead-

...is actually an Irish word. You have forgotten "cutty" as an alternatice to girl, and "cub" for boy.
Other colloquealisms iclude:
Shiad: Shed
Wan: 1
Windee: Window
Weemin: Women
Dour: Door
Flure: Floor.

Your "auld doll" is your "ma" or mother and the police are the "Peelers". Just to let you know.smiley - biggrin

Craic, by the way...

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Thanks, Captain Tobias. Duly noted!

Is this more Northern Irish though? Auld Doll is definitely Cork-speak for your other half. Mind you, Cork speak is unintelligible anywhere else - and I'm not going there! smiley - smiley

Craic, by the way...

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Captain T A Nuge, leader of the Clique (A3542186) Join today! -Back from the dead-

No, I think its fairly universal throughout Ireland... to the best of my knowlege!

Craic, by the way...

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Lash LeRue

As a Corkonian I have never in my life called anyone mother of partner an Auld Doll.

The word Beoir for girls has become quite common slang and of course your mother is called "Ya ma" except if your from Montenotte then its "Moma" and also dont forget that we all pernounce Cork as if its spelt "Caork".

A Oh and the phrase to make a "Bullabashin of it"= to make a mess of somthing.

Craic, by the way...

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Craic is now synonymous with Ireland but latest theories reject that the word originated in Ireland. But now we have it we're not going to give it back!!

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