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Billy Boys

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I'm new here.
I got here by searching Irish slang. And I was wondering if anyone knew the meaning of the phrase 'Billy Boys', as used in Jack Vettriano's paintings.
Suzi Clent

Billy Boys

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I think it is a word used by Northern Protestants - referring to King William (William of Orange) - "We are the Billy Boys" - as in (King) William's Boys.

It's a rather sad fact that often you can tell "what side" people are from just from their names in the North. Billy is a common Protestant first name, as is Sammy and George and Harry. Conor, Gerry, Jimmy, Michael or Kevin are common Catholic names.

Billy Boys

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Fizzymouse- no place like home

The Billy Boys were in fact Glaswegian, as far as I remember a gang which murdered Roman Catholics and were involved in a load of criminal activity. I have a book about them somewhere .... I must look it out. I think the name came to Northern Ireland via Rangers FC.....

If I get that book I'll come back to this.smiley - ok

smiley - mouse

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