A Conversation for Common Irish slang

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Sergeant Mushroom

smiley - blackcat

You spelt Craic wrong on the front page, surely?smiley - erm

When my Irish housemate first asked me how my craic was, I thought she was talking about something else...smiley - blush

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Hi SM -

Yes, I know where you are coming from, but we had lots of discussions when I was writing the article, and it was judged (correctly, as I see it) that the word "craic" is a relatively recent spelling change. It was spelt "crack" until about 15 years ago, before the cocaine-based drug of the same name appeared on the scene, causing a lot of difficulties for the Irish in America!

Craic has since become the "official" spelling, but it really is a bit of an imposter! The article defers a bit more to the traditional spelling.

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