A Conversation for Public Toilet Graffiti

The latin translation

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Shouldn't it be that the anger of Jupiter? Offcourse I am not a native speaker of both english and latin but it seems to me the writer warned the users to defecate with care... or else! Jupiter himself will smite them for their bad toilet manners.

I am pretty sure Iovem is a grammatial form of Iupiter

Iovem ((this one, accusatif (sp) isn't it?))

source: http://forum.latijnengrieks.com/viewtopic.php?t=13&sid=d6bc6db7b3e2ca5e6aca23771fb35544

The latin translation

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Hello smiley - smiley
I believe Jove is just another way of saying Jupiter. Anglicized, I guess. They certainly refer to the same God. Sort of like whenever someone says "By Jove..."

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The latin translation

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