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Ice Cream Man

I enjoyed reading the article "A Drop of Culture". I have made Labna but in the dairy where I worked in England we called it "Lebni". I guess it is a different name for the same thing.

I have spent 30 years in the Dairy Industry making everything from Cheddar to Ice Cream, my current job. I have just registered and am browsing through h2g2 to see what sort of contribution I can make on food and drink. (I haven't even started my home page yet)



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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

G'day Richard, welcome to h2g2.

It is called labna in NZ/Aus. I think the different words descend from "leben" - a semiliquid food made from curdled milk in North Africa and the Levant


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Researcher 131893

Actually there are many subspecies ef this milky fluid. Although it is not a fluid but more like a homeostatic suspension of minute particles living in highly populated areas of other particles just the same, it comes froma fluid: cow´s booby juice.
After the Basilos Bulgaros are formed in the milk, you get Laban or Labne which is like a yogurth and you can have it with cucumber, lentils, in a soup or any other recipe (which I can share upon request). If no-one eats it and it just lays in the refrigerator you can stuff it in a sock (very much alike the ones osed for filtering coffee) and drain it overnight and you´ll get Arish. This is delicious because you can have it wiith Pita, and Tahine and many other great middle-eastern stuff. This Arish is calles also Labne which makes it confusing with the first part. If no-one eats the Arish you can make Chanclish with is a hardened Arish covered in Zatar (7 spice spice used in the middle eastern part of the world seen from a terrestrial political map. If you use another map, directions may vary - its the part next to the deserts and the guys with veils over thier heads). This Chanlish is also delicious and you can spread it on bread an it eat. If no-one eats this, you can feed it to a cat, a goat or the toilet.


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Wand'rin star

Does lassi fit into this anywhere?

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