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No liability?

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

This is an excellant aticle, if only i had someting to patent?
If you dont accept liability does that also mean that you would be unwilling to take a reward for anyone who makes money due to the benefits of reading this article?
Just a thought smiley - winkeye

No liability?

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Ugi - Keeper of typos & spelling errers - MAT (see A575912)

Hello nbb, and thank you for your comment.

I advise people about patents for a living, so I take a reward for that, but somehow I don't think I shall be retiring on the income from this guide entry!

If someone empolys me then I know about their situation and if I give them neglegent advice they can sue me. Hopefull that won't happen but I have insurance against that just in case. The problem with something like this is that someone might read it and then do something unsuitable for their circumstances because of it. If they were to sue me I might not be insured and so however much I would like to help, I have to disclaim liability or it could be my family on the street.

I would love it if someone got an invention patented or even saved a few quid from the process because of this, but it would be ample reward to know that had happened. The eight years at university and four years of professional qualification that stand behind this entry get paid for by my day job!

Hope you do find that ground-breaking invention. Let me know if you do!



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