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Excellent article.
I was most impressed by the 'complications'section in particular the piece on low bsl's. I have had type 1 for just 2 years now, developing it on my 30th Birthday or so (nice present !!). Luckly I didn't have any depression issues, other than a general feeling of anger and being a bit p****d off.

When that initial reaction pased I actually found the whole thing to be a great motivator. I didn't notice that I had gotten into a bit of a rut and have really tried to make a lot better use of my time. In reality I guess it frightened the s*** out of me!

Keep on sticking !!!



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Hi Rathlynn,

Sorry not to reply to your posting for so long, and when I finally do, to post a reply that has so many spelling mistakes (typos).

I am impressed that you're able to use the whole thing as a motivator - to many others around me it's never been anything less than a hassle. "Frightening the shit out of me", though, I can definitely understand - diabetes has never actually done me any definite harm, but it still frightens me, and I've had it for 33 years or so. Depression issues I've seen and dealt with, so they're not really a personal issue any more.

Anyway - write me again when I'm able to reply while being a little more sober, and hopefully I'll have something more cogent to say!


H.smiley - biggrin


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I've had type 1 for 8 yrs now, and it's never been any fun. I had the double honor of having pnomonia on top of the diabetes when diagnosed. A blood sugar reading of 597 is no joking matter, I can tell you.
As for controlling the diabetes, I've found that you think that you have the correct dosage of insulin to compensate for your meals and your current blood sugar and an hour or so later you either go a bit higher (hopefully not too high) or you need to have a quick snack to boost you back up. Occasionally of course you do hit the right number and get a good reading, but I've found it's pure luck.
I always carry glucose tablets with me when I go out and keep something with sugar in it next to my bed at night (in case I wake with a low sugar level).

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