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Great to see a concise, informative posting that explains in plain English the things I try to communicate to those around me, usually so badly. True, unless you're diabetic yourself it's hard to grasp the concepts involved and even friends who have first aid training were under the misconception that I need insulin injecting into me if I go hypo...scary!

I have further complications being on an anti-candida diet. ie no yeast no wheat, no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no fungi, and all derivitives thereof; basically to starve the candida. As the candida dies there are some strange side effects, in my case aggravated by swinging blood sugar levels(Not sure wheter these are caused by the die-off or my busy life). Hypos still need sugar, but this feeds the candida, prolonging my need to stick to the regime.

I have only had diabetes for a little under 3 years. At first I was calmly resigned to the condition as my health had been topsy-turvy for several years previously without an apparent out clause. Several operations later I developed diabetes, which was at least controlable. So I thought. The nurses praised my efforts to keep levels level but later trips to the local diabetic unit made me feel useless as my levels went through swinging phases.

I gave up testing so much for a while due to painful fingers and a busy schedule, but this busy ever changing schedule makes the levels even harder to regulate. I am pretty self disciplined about eating regularly and when I remember, injecting, but is becoming increasingly frustrating to carry on "living" life rather than just existing or surviving. Food becomes an obsession, when and where the next meal will be, how much to eat, what is in it and then how much to inject, depending on all of these factors, plus how active you have been or are going to be, how stressed or not you are, and time of the month as hormones jiggle levels around too. And this last couple of weeks have involved a hypo or two nearly every day...
Soooo frustratingsmiley - wah.

Well I've ranted on long enough... vaguely coherent...thank you for your posting and giving me the opportunity to rant in an appropriate place... comments? observations? ideas on improving my control?...

Double trouble

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There are so many factors that seem to affect bleed sugar levels, I often ask myself the question: If a leaf falls in the forest, will my blood sugar levels be high in the morning?

Deb smiley - cheerup

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