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Riding Water Buffalo in Thailand

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If you are in Thailand and wish to experience the gentle art of water buffalo riding, you will need to bear in mind the following important points:

  • Get permission from the owner of the beast before mounting.

  • Don't wear white jeans, as water buffalo are usually covered in mud.

  • If there are more than one of you, be the first to try - water buffalo run out of patience after about four attempts.

  • Hold your legs out of way of the buffalo's horns, as they are very sharp.

  • When you have been thrown off and you are sitting in the rice-paddy, don't lose sight of the water buffalo. If it turns and looks at you maliciously, run, very fast, and in the opposite direction.

  • Have a bag of frozen peas ready to sit on to reduce the discomfort of a bruised posterior. There is no remedy, however, for hurt pride.

  • This is not a recommended activity if you are intending to keep a low profile in the area, as it will generally attract the attention of the entire population of the surrounding village.

Riding water buffalo is not common practice in Thailand.

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