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The Root of All Evil

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Besides being a convenient, cheap, soulless place to shop, Wal-Mart is indeed the root of all evil. The apparent goal of Wal-Mart Corp. is world domination from the bottom up. How else can you explain the presence of five, count 'em, five Wal-Marts and one Sam's Place within the small southern town of Huntsville, Alabama? What else is special about Huntsville? It is the home of much of the United States' space program located at Redstone Arsenal. Their insidious plan is to control the minds of the the townspeople, most of whom work at the Arsenal, through mind-sucking shopping experiences and brainwave manipulating "greeters". Once they control the people, the entire US arsenal of mind control satellites will be in the hands of Wal-Mart. Then, the entire planet will be at the mercy of giant, faceless, ridiculously wealthy multi-national corporations who have no sympathy for the small, puny humans forced to buy their products... oh, wait a minute!!! Too late!

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The Root of All Evil

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