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What an odd entry

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I find it nice to find another approved guide entry for Alaska. However, some of it:

"In fact, the Eskimo people indigenous to the area usually only use igloos as temporary shelter when travelling in the harsh winter months."

is flat-out wrong. Alaskan Eskimos never built igloos; those are temporary shelters used by Canadian Natives. Also, this:

"Most residents, particularly the middle-aged and older men, speak with a southern accent. Girls wear miniskirts in the dead of winter, and everybody starts wearing shorts and tank-tops in April just as the snow starts to melt."

was direct plagarisation of my own guide entry (also approved) at http://www.h2g2.com/A186509

What gives, anyhow? When were you planning on giving credit where it is due? Why did the editors here let this slip? And why the heck is someone from the Lower 48's doing an entry on a subject he obviously has no knowledge of?

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What an odd entry

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Hey Avatar,

Allow me to explain:

While interning at h2g2 towers, I was assigned to create a definitive entry on the U.S.A. So, I began writing about the different areas of the country by gathering all existing research in the Guide at the moment. The entry's priority got pushed back then I posted the sections by themselves for the sake of the Fun Run (without adding credit I might add). So, the plan is to complete the monstrous entry and add all researchers that aided me in the process. I'm sorry I did not add a credit for you, but it sincerely slipped my mind when I was putting together the different sections. Please take some consolation in knowing you'll have credit on the definitive entry on the USA some day soon. Peace.

Thank you!

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Woohoo! I'm excited to be a part of such a larger project, within a still-larger uber-project. Giving me a credit on "Alaska and Hawaii" is all we needed to do.

What a wonderful community we have going here. We had a misunderstanding, but we opened new doors to communication. And of course thank you (to whomever) for removing that last paragraph from my own Alaska entry. smiley - winkeye

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