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At last someone sees they're significance

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Although I'm too young to remember madness in their hayday I find it hard to understand why people can so easily dismiss the musical importance of this band. During an era of heavily manufactured pop music they were the only real band out there. Just the fact that there were some people around still making music for the love of it breathed new life into the, at that time, liveless music industry. So really all I'm saying is that we have a lot more to thank madness for than many of us seem to realise.

At last someone sees they're significance

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I agree - Madness are without doubt a group that deserve recognition by being themselves in their music, and not just palely copying everyone else, like all the boy/girl bands out there.

They are unique, and worth hearing.

You should have left a link to

I often have their songs playing in the background whilst online.

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At last someone sees they're significance

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