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The Oppressed Pipe of Great Magnitude(Home of 'The Adventures of Wesley Pipes')

Madness are one of my all time favourite bands, strangely sitting alongside the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Fugazi, and I was impressed by your explanation of the frenetic first few years of the band. Great article. Keep it up

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They are brilliant! Really original and funny but quite strong and varied sound!

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Massive fan over here, but here's a coupla things...

Should this article ever be written, maybe a bit should eb written bout a coupla songs, some of them were pretty damn serious. Madness gfoty a reputation for being superficial, but take songs like "Waiting For The Ghost Train" and "Michael Caine". Even the famed "It Must Be Love" had a darker side (ever scene the video? They're all in funeral garb and Suggs, real name Graham McPherson, sings inrto a grave. Fibnally, did you know House of Funwas the only single evr to reach No.1

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Fantastic band. Seen them live twice and they just got better and better.

Thought the last album was a classic!

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