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One can have many kinds of nicknames, whether they be online or offline. So what nicknames do you have and who calls you by them? Or even better how did you come upon that nickname?

Fun - My best friend's English cousins were visiting and we wandered around town for the "Midnight Madness" type festival going on. In that time we managed to write many rude messages everywhere in chalk we had taken with no intention of return and had loads of good fun. At one point they wrote "Fun" on my back with our chalk and since then the name has stuck and how I am refered to by my good friends from school.
Vic/Vicky - spin-off of the name Victoria for those who are too lazy to say the whole eight syllable atrocity.
fubarific - I had a obsession with the word fubar and used it for everything for awhile when I was in eighth grade and decided to make a new e-mail containing the word 'fubarific' as I was a eighth grade girl and had to make everything cute. Since then I started using it as my message board aliases and it has stuck.

So what about you?

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