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Owain Glyndwr was not the last real Prince of Wales. His son was - Llewellyn the Last (as opposed to Llewellyn the Great). He's the guy who had to hide in a cave to avoid the English - but they found him and beheaded him.

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Llewelyn ap Gruffudd (Llewelyn II) was indeed the last native Prince of Wales. He wasn't Owain's son though; he was Gruffudd's (hence the name). He was killed in 1282, long before Glyn Dwr was born. His memorial, at Cilmeri near Builth Wells, is the site of an annual gathering on the anniversary of his death, 11th December.

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The usual spelling is Llywelyn ap Gruffydd.

Since his brother took over the reins of power from him for a brief period after Llywelyn's death, the details are slightly muddy, but certainly Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf is ofteneconsidered the last Prince of Wales. Characters such as Carlo (Charles) are English imposters imposed upon a subdued nation, and should be viewed as such, whatever their popularity among Union Flag-waving crowds (remember that there is no Welsh symbol on this flag, merely the Cross of St George pinning Patrick's and Andrew's crosses firmly beneath it). Let us not forget, however, that Owain Glyndwr was declared Prince of Wales in 1400 and again in 1404 - and even if the English did not acknowledge this, there were many who did. Owain, therefore, is probably the 'last' native Welsh prince.

Llywelyn's baby daughter, Gwenllian, was taken by the English to a convent (Sempringham, I believe) where she was kept until she died, such that the royal line should not continue.

Interestingly, there was another Llywelyn ap Gruffydd - Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan, who died while assisting Owain Glyndw^r to escape from the English. He was hanged, drawn and quartered on the market square in Llanymddyfri ('Llandovery'), and there is a striking monument to him on the castle hill in the town (as well as a 'Braveheart Bitter' brewed locally in his honour).

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