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Greetings, fellow resercher!
loved your article about walking and all of its joys and pitfalls. Very well written and nicely balanced. (except maybe for the part that talked about murdering someone! LOL!) I just wanted to contribute a few suggestions which you might like to add to the entry.
I was hoping to hear some suggestions come up for how to walk if a person has sustained an injury, and maybe some mention of the invention of crutches?
also, it would have been nice to hear the other side of the story, that is what it might be like to walk as a non-biped, - I know you did mention apes and some quadrupeds, and even amoeba - but i was thinking along the lines that you could discuss the benefits of alternate frames such as that of the arachnid, or the crustacean. (certainly in the future, we might obtain the ability to redesign our bodies through cybernetics or genetic engineering and make use of these more efficient modes of leverage. not to mention their application to the field of robotics.)
another thing, i thought it would be very useful and important if you were to add a section on How To Walk When You Are Intoxicated.
and last (and maybe least) i thought it wouldn't hurt to throw in some Cliches like 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step' or 'you've got to learn to walk before you can crawl'... oops, i mean, ah, well you get the point.

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aditional thoughts on walking...

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