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Soda Competition

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Drool Frood the Second

I remember that my friends and I used to play this game -normally when we were very drunk.
Everyone puts a heaped teaspoon full of baking soda in their mouth.
The person to keep their mouth closed the longest wins.-Incredibly funny!!.Well it is if your a bit plastered!!!

Soda Competition

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Basil Brush

Nothing to do with baking soda but lots to do with being drunk.
Have you ever set coffe mate alight? Whilst drunk at Uni, we used to do this all the time. The reason this is a pass time for students is the mess it makes of your carpet.

Step 1. Light a match.
Step 2. Slowly sprinkle coffee mate from a spoon over the flame.
Step 3. Watch in amazement as the substance burns and makes a "magician-like" puff of smoke.
Step 4. Leave remainder of unburnt coffee mate on the floor, ready for the end-of-year hoover.

Soda Competition

Post 3

Drool Frood the Second

Hey how about us doing an entry about drinking games.
I'm sure we could find some that we haven't done.
By the way have you ever played the free kick/corner game.
Basically throuhout any football match that you are watching on TV
you have to drink a set amount everytime some one gets a free drink or a corner.
There are many permutations of this game but it has the desired effect and is great fun too.Plenty of time to practice with Euro 2000!

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