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hi my good peeps.
do u know when u feel for the first time that ur the only one for someone. ur her love , her man . its so much great. but thee is something. i beieved that happiness comes to end sometimes. but i am sturuggling. i am a person who failed in love three times .but it wasn't true love . i mean that i was the only one who feel it . a Single side love . they didn't love me .. i came to the point that i thought that noone will love me anymore. i saw i am so good .so kind but people try to hurt me heart. at the end i found her. the princess of my heart.we loved each other so much . my words can't help me to describe things that heart only can describe . I am her only man. we talked about everything . we sit on the sea shore while sun was sitting. and the moon was shining .moments that i will never forget . i remmber the first kisssmiley - smoochsmiley - smiley.oh my tears begins to drop.but there is someone tries to destory all things.he is HER BROTHER. in the middle east women and girls r much controlled .he tries to know who am i. he tries to know who is that one who calls her so much .he bagan to make some troubles with her . do u know my ,dear freinds, wht he can do ? he simply can prevent her from calling me. and he will put his eyes on her to control her behavoirs. oh god. he doesn't know that by this he will destroy me. i remmber back when i caught by depression last year because a failure love.but now i am in the peak of successful one so !!!! . its hard to stand and wacth ur self being destroyed by another one.i am in hard times my dear friends .noone can ever imagin how do i love her.smiley - wahsmiley - wah.i ask my self why do they want to put me in saddness and depression. do u know wht her brother will never hesitate to hit her or anything like that..he is not llike many other brothers who can be more understanding .there is many of them here in the middle east .but he is not one of them .may be he will hit her.my friends help me even in words. GOD BLESS YALL

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