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Sensuous Breathing

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Breathing for sensuous effect can be a wonderful form of contact that two or more people can enjoy.

The method of breathing is the key to making the act of receiving a thrilling experience. The breath should be made with the mouth open wide, with relaxed lips and close to the skin of the recipient without touching. Breathing should be near silent, soft and long, lightly moving the fine hairs and gently warming the skin, but it shouldn't tickle. It should be felt like a soft cotton ball being lightly pressed against the skin as opposed to a gust of wind.

The breath should not be repeated in the same place immediately. One of the more pleasant effects is the light cooling of the skin after the breath, and the goosebumps caused by this.

For maximum effect, choose a sensitive patch of skin with short, fine hairs: the back of the knee, the inside thigh close to the groin, from the upper belly up to the neck, the small of the back, the crook of the elbow, and particularly the back of the neck. The thicker the hair, the harder the breath needs to be to move them and the less control in the effect. An absence of hair lacks the subtle sensation the hair's movement brings.

Two things can make sensual breathing into a negative experience: First, bad breath can cause discomfort. This is easily solved by use of various mints, herbs and liquids to cloak or remove bad breath. Second, one shouldn't perform a breath if one has a contagious illness.

Sensual breathing is a powerful expression of emotion, contentment and pleasure for people of all ages.

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