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I 've just noticed a mistake

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Demon Drawer

Eddie clashed with Senna in the Pits after the race. It was Johnny Herbert he clashed with on the side of the track. Whoops.

I 've just noticed a mistake

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Legolas the Slart

I've noticed another. Its only minor but the spelling of the Stewert Racing Team is as I've written here, not as you wrote in the entry. Just a minor mistake in an altogether well-written and informative entry.

Slartismiley - smiley

I 've just noticed a mistake

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Global Village Idiot

No, it's Stewart - third time lucky!
It should really be credited as Stewart-Ford anyway.

Other than that, it's good - but I would have liked to have seen a bit more personal info, such as reference to his daughter, Zoe, who lives with her mother in Macau; or more detail of his professional successes - what titles did he win before F1? Maybe we can fill that in as we go.

I 've just noticed a mistake

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Demon Drawer

HI GVI I can't do anything about the spelling of Stewart until Crusader gets back from Spain, tommorrow hopefully. smiley - smiley

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