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This has been bugging me for YEARS...

Can anyone explain why eggs suddenly need more carefull storage once they have undergone retail purchase?

To explain:
When I was young my grandparents kept hens and these produced wonderful eggs. My grandparents also did not have a fridge.
I learnt that if eggs are too cold they don't cook well. So you have to have them come up to room temperature before opening. I used to store eggs in a wooden bowl in the kitchen - they look nice that way smiley - smiley
Then I was told this is just not good enough and that I would make myself sick. I must store them in the fridge...

So why do stores (shops to me) never seem to do this? The eggs seem fine without refrigeration while they are on the "ambient" shelf at the supermarket. Yet on the box it says "keep refrigerated" so when you get them home, they have to be put in the fridge!

Chickens don't have fridges - do they?

Just - Why..?

Can anyone help?


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