A Conversation for Sadako and the Peace Crane

Were there in fact 1000+ cranes?

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Great guide entry. One question should be posed though :
Did she in fact make greater than 1000 cranes?
I have heard from a variety of sources that she did indeed
make more than a 1000 and the number was brought back (by
certain authors) to 644 cranes to make the story more memorable.

No matter how many, it still is a inspiring story to read and
well done again.

Were there in fact 1000+ cranes?

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

Her own diaries and letters, which were published, indicate few than 1000. I haven't heard of the greater than 1000 cranes made - I don't know.

Were there in fact 1000+ cranes?

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The Researcher

According to a Special Exhibition website hosted by the City of Hiroshima there are two points that need to be researched more:

1) "On August 3, multi-colored paper cranes were sent to the hospital to encourage the patients by people in Nagoya." Sadako was one of those encouraged to start making their own; and,

2) "By the end of August---less than a month after she started―--Sadako had 1,000 paper cranes, but she continued to fold."


On another page on the site they confirm that "Although Sadako actually folded over 1300 cranes, many versions have her folding less than 1000."


but, as they point out, the actual number does not detract from teh story and its significance.

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