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Meringues - Big Ones

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Being an Aussie I am supprised you did not go on to mention the New Zealand invention of the Pavlova which is really a very large meringue. Our larger neighbour across the Tasman has a tendency to flog anything that they like of ours. This doesn't stop at the Pavlova but extends even to such NZ icons as Sir Edmond Hillary of Mt Everest fame. Of course, since NZers have far better manners etc., we would not dream of claiming anything Aussie as our own (unless we really liked it).

Meringues - Big Ones

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Pavlova a New Zealand invention?! Surely you jest! Everyone knows the delicious dessert (similar to my meringue recipe but featuring a soft, marshmallowy centre, and covered in whipped cream and fruit) was created by an Australian chef to honour the Russian ballerina of the same name.

But seriously, there seems to be competing evidence as to who came up with pavlova first. I guess we should be thankful the only territorial conflict we know in our region revolves around desserts smiley - smiley

Waving across the Tasman,


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