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Wouldn´t it have been better to split this text into several different ones? I mean ABBA and Greta Garbo surly deserves their own text´s and just describing Stockholm and Kalmar and say that´s Sweden isn´t really fair, there´s alot more to Sweden than that. If you devided it into Stocholm, Kalmar, ABBA, Greta Garbo and Swedish customs it would be better I think.
Don´t take this as negative critisism, I think it was good but I just feel it could´ve been even better that´s all. Tack och hej =)


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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

I agree with you that it would've been better, but this was a collaboration entry, where all researchers were asked to add their own bits. Being from Kalmar, and liking food (smiley - smiley) I chose to write about the meatball making and Kalmar. The fact that there was little or nothing written about the rest of the country, other than about Greta Garbo and ABBA, is unfortunate. Perhaps there were not enough Swedish researchers at the time for the entry to be a more complete guide to Sweden.
Possibly a re-write would be in order as we seem to have more Swedish researchers here now than we did a year and a half ago.smiley - smiley

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