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Oxford Castle

Just after the A1339049Battle of Hastings,Robert D'Oyley built
Oxford Castle. The castle and Oxfordshire enticed many a King to visit and set up homes there, Henry 1 was one such King who admired Oxfordshire and when he died in 1135 there was much arguing over who would take over the throne his daughter Empress Matilda of Germany or Stephen Blois. Matilda escaped London and took refuge in Oxford Castle, but one winter she scrambled over the walls with a few knights and escaped on the icy river to nearby Wallingford.

Oxford University

In the 12th Century it was customary for English scholars to go to University in Paris but due to an unresolved arguement with the King of France in 1167, English scholars settled in Oxfordshire and the Oxford University was born. It is known worldwide and is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. The towns people and scholars were rivals and in 1355 a brawl broke out between them, this day is now called St Scholastica's Day. Many people both town and gown died during the early days of the University and many scholars left to set up Cambridge University.

The Oxford Martyrs

During 1555 and 1556 the Protestant bishops Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley were tried and burned on Broad Street, Oxford under the order of Queen Mary because they refused to take up Catholicism. Strangely enough those that were Catholic priests were also later executed in Oxford.

Hitler intended Oxford to become his head quarters and thus gave strict orders not to bomb it.

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

Then the Saxons arrived and much has been found dating back to their civilisation. On the site of today’s Christ Church used to stand a nunnery dating back to 730, encased in the legend of St Frideswide, this area was once believed to be the centre of old Oxford. King Alfred led to Oxford becoming heavily fortified against the Danes. Alfred put to use what he knew about Roman defences, but this was not enough the Danes broke in and in 979 burnt Oxford down. The town seeked revenge and on St Brice’s Day 1002 the Danes were killed in St Frideswide’s tower.

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