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Oxford has a good bands scene

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Klyve Boy

Oxford has quite a few good bands associated with it. The biggest ones being

- Radiohead, now on their 5th album, who are playing on the 7th July 2001 in Oxford - doing a charity gig at South Parks. Should be good.

- Supergrass, not as successful or critically acclaimed as Radiohead, but for people who are under 22, and who had their biggest hit when they were 17, they're also pretty good.

Those are the main ones that people outside of Oxford will have heard of. Smaller local bands, who are on the way up include:

- The Rock of Travolta (TROT) - VERY powerful live sound, doesn't quite come accross on their first album. Post-rock, with lots of bass.
- Meanwhile back in Communist Russia. Also post-rock, but with sequenced drums not live ones. Very good. Have had their single played on John Peel's (http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A457094) radio 1 show recently.
- The Klyvz (bit of a plug, as it's my band) - Similar to both of the above - but with sampled drum-loops instead of sequenced ones. Haven't played any gigs recently - have been writing new stuff instead.

I might expand this into an 'Oxford Music Scene' Article at some point

Oxford has a good bands scene

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Lighthousegirl - back on board

I would be interested in hearing more about the Oxford Music scene - I moved to the area relatively recently and have yet to discover the best places to go. I would be intersted in your recommendations...

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