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Ah, yes! I remember learning the Dewey Decimal system as a child in elementary school. For all intensive purposes, it was a delightful system that organized information well. And then I started college and everything went right out the window!

Why? You ask.

Well, unlike most city or school libraries, University libraries are frequently orgainzed by LC (Library of Congress) subject headings rather than the old Dewey system. Call numbers are preceeded by letters which denote the general subject heading. The letters, however, have absolutely nothing to do with the subject. Art, for example, is in the N section. Psychology is BF. The system is frequently confusing, and requires a much more focused search to find precisely what you are looking for.

I thought that college was hard enough without having to relearn how to find books.

Just my 2 cents smiley - smiley

...LC Call numbers

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gobiefishy ... Stuck between the bookshelves at the library of (Hey kid get off of there!!) DOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Why in the world would they sort books like that? How does that make sense? Just like everything else, you get used to one thing, and BAM they change it.

Glad I graduated!! While I was in college, give me the computer assisted ERIC system anytine and I'll be just fine!

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