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Mochdre, Powys, Wales, UK

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Mochdre is a small village a couple of miles to the west of Newtown, Powys, Wales, UK.

The name is pronounced Mock druh or Mock dree by most of the locals, regardless of the way it should be pronounced in Welsh. The word means 'Pig Town', and comes from the fact that centuries ago it was at a junction where pig drovers met. Some academic sources claim that the name is a corruption of words meaning 'steep incline'; be that as it may, although it accurately describes the location, most locals prefer the 'pig town' origin.

Although the village itself is very small, the parish includes the Mochdre Industrial Estate about a mile away, which is the site of the Laura Ashley1 factory.

Part of the industrial estate was a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. Apparently, the prisoners enjoyed a very relaxed lifestyle, and many of them eventually settled in the area. There were in fact two camps, but they were known collectively as 'the camp'. Many present day residents of Mochdre still refer to a certain area as 'The Camp', often without knowing why.

There is now only a single survivor of the three pubs that used to exist in the village, namely The Dolau2. The pub is invaded each summer by folks from the Midlands, who park their caravans3 in the field at the rear of the pub, put up little awnings to make it feel like home, then drink their own booze all week, spending very little time actually inside the pub. The Dolau is also the unofficial headquarters of the Mid-Wales Opera chorus during the last three weeks of August. Food of the chips and burger variety is also available there.

1Laura Ashley is a British design house that specializes in clothing and home furnishings purported to be the 'embodiment of elegant English living'.2The Dolau is known as 'Doll eye', or 'Dolly' to most of the serious drinkers there.3'Caravans', in this context, refers to trailers designed for camping, and does not imply that there are large numbers of camels to be found in Wales during the summer months.

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