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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

This interview appeared in the local newspaper, "Hawke's Bay Today" following the Year 2000 Art Deco celebrations.

The guy quoted, John Cocking, has a full-time paid job playing PG Wodehouse character Bertie Wooster as he promotes the city.

Tired, and with a failing voice after a weekend of "Bertie-ing", Art Deco Weekend director John Cocking predicted that in two years participants would arrive by the shipload for the event.

"It was huge - it was absolutely great - and I'm happily worn out," Mr Cocking said today as he reflected on a record weekend.

We sold more tickets to events than ever before. We didn't think we would after last year's Art Deco Congress but we did."

The nostalgic weekend, of dressing up and dining out and generally having a spiffnig good time, would only get bigger, Mr Cocking said.

The event was unique internationally, and that was reflected by the response of people who had arrived from overseas - and who promised to return and bring their friends with them.

For six American tour company directors, that meant making plans bring a ship to Napier, with 90 to 100 people aboard, specifically for Art Deco Weekend.

'They were blown away by it all. They got involved in everything - even the trolley derby race,' Mr Cocking laughed.

The Americans also painted a large picture of Bertie on the back of their van, along with the words "What ho Bertie ... what a bumptious blazer!"

"I don't know what they're going to tell the rental company," Mr Cocking laughed.

He said people from Australia, South Africa, Britain and Europe had sought him out to say how much they were enjoying themselves.

"And there were people from all over the country saying they'd be back ... and that they'd be telling their friends about it."

Despite cooler than usual temperatures on Saturday, thousands of people poured into the central city.

Yesterday, under the warm sun, the Gatsby Picnic on Marine Parade drew a huge crowd of suitably attired diners and sightseers.

There were genteel high teas with the best china and silverware, along with grand tunes from gramophones to accompany a spot of champers and salmon sandwiches.

Jazz bands and the sounds of gloriously maintained vintage car motors added to the hubbub.

Mr Cocking said thought would have to be given to staging next year's ticket events as they had become so popular they were outgrowing the venues.

Beachfront marquees were one option to be considered, he said.

Before putting his throat to rest for a day or two, Mr Cocking slipped into Bertie mode to sum it up for everyone: "Gosh it was fun."

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Absolutely chock to the brim with fizz and ginger!

Loony, old chum, just letting you know via electronic letter or missive, of the very likely contingency of a link being established to this very fine Entry in the Historical Society.


Tally ho, barf, barf!

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Mustapha, I'm not worthy smiley - bigeyes

Good to see NZ featuring in the top spot on the front page though. smiley - bigeyes

When are you going to write a yarn about My Taranaki/Egmont? Surely a worthy subject from your part of the island.

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Of course you're worthy, you poor fish!

You're right though, that I need to get off my duff and write a few more entries. I think I've used up all I want to say on Mt Taranaki (or even *My Taranaki*smiley - smiley) in my entry on New Plymouth (for the time being at least). But I have got a few ideas for other NZ entries.

There's Stratford, and also the Cook Strait ferries are on the agenda. Have you caught my entry on Invercargill?

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

No I haven't. Will check it out

I am currently working on one about Bluff - and its oysters - yum

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