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Out of City

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Bald Bloke

Why is it that Portsmouth is the only place I know that wants to get rid of its visitors as fast as possible.

All the road signs seem to be " Out of City"

Out of City

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Because they are either sailors, french or lorries with illegal imigrants in. Could also be that there isn't really a lot of room left on Portsea Isle, so maybe nobody just want's anybody else staying for too long.

Out of City

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Researcher 147556

the only visiters i meet that have been to portsmouth have only been through on the ferrys.
Thought I think with the forts and harbour views the ferry is the best way to arrive in pompey.The roads are the worst way.

Out of City

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Pompey people forgive me, gosport born and bred, but I have always thought that the best way to arrive was drunk and the best way to leave is quickly. However, this is advice from somebody that did neither and now lives somewhere that real people call Turktown.

However, for a piece of real advice, leave any area within 1/2 mile of Portsmouth Harbour waterfront before the tide is low. The mud tends to smell a bit.

Paulsgrove is a place to avoid currently, if you happen to be a paeodofile.

Out of City

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Dont Use Mobiles Befor A Space Shot

Having been born in Southampton i can understand why all the signs in pompy say out of the city, and as for the smell at low tide enough said lol, my dad came from pompy he was a mud lark, do the young lads still do that just wondering

Out of City

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Rojo Habe (48-1+2-7)

Posts like that make me wish I was educated in Southampton

Out of City

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Caveman, Evil Unix Sysadmin, betting shop operative, and SuDoku addict (Its an odd mix, but someone has to do it)

Actually, we have a couple that say 'Sortie De Ville' too.

(yup, we're multicultural!)

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