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Is there really any need for them?

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I strongly believe we dont need fireworks on bonfire night.
Seriously, all they do is create a danger to people, as you probably already know, hundreds of people are 'put' in hospital and November the 5th because of firework accidents, and some of the time it's not even accidental.

And the animals; has everybody forgotten that their hearing is much more defined than ours? So as you can imagine, on November the 5th, for animals, it's a pretty scary time.

And the mess they cause is unbelievable, the sticks from them get left whereever they land, and the wrapping they come in is a mass amount, which is just filling land-fill sites even more. And some people put them in the fire, which is very dangerous because plastic when burnt gives off poisonous fumes.

Don't you think bonfire night could be celebrated in a different, safer way?

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Is there really any need for them?

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