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teeline self study

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Researcher 172603

hi, i am looking for teeline self-study manuals /notes. please could someone pass any ideas of how i can go about getting this information. many thanks!

teeline self study

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Rebecca H


I recently started learning Teeline by distance learning - I'm using the set from Trevor Burton Training Materials in Crewe. (Tel 01270 589303 or email sales @tbtrainingmaterials.co.uk if you want to get in contact with them) You can order the full course of tapes and coursebooks. I got a beginner set of 16 tapes, coursebook and a wordlist book for £180. It's vey good and you progress very quickly once you've learnt the basics - the alphabet took about 15 minutes to get the hang of! You could try searching on [URL removed by moderator] under "Teeline Shorthand" tho', if you want to try to find something a bit cheaper or on-line learning. There are a lot of places listed there that will do distance learning or correspondence courses.

Good luck.

teeline self study

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Cadi Merchionamercheluned

Been learning Teeline for about a year, but only in my spare time. Never could get the hang of Pitman's, but Teeline suit me fine. I am nowhere near speech-speed, but I'm good enough to take notes in lectures, and improving all the time.
I found a book in a library sale called "Teeline Shorthand Made Simple", but it was printed 1970something, and is probably not around anymore.
I have found that you can use the principles of Teeline in longhand, ie, small superscript vowels for -ing, -ang etc, subscript m and w for -ment, and -wood/-wide. It's not as good as "proper" Teeline, but it's useful if you're tired, or you think that your outlines might be hard to read back for some reason.

Thts al fr nw,
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teeline self study

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Researcher 199240

Hi Rebecca, I have been teaching adults Teeline shorthand since January. I work for a college for ex-miners and am desperate for some teaching materials. Unfortunately we find the material extremely expensive to buy, (all courses are free to students), and wondered if you would be interested in selling your cassettes when you feel you have finished with them. Please let me know if this would be possible. Justine.

teeline self study

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Researcher 199240

The best book to buy is Teeline Gold. It teaches everything you need to know. What I would say is that you need to ensure that you practice at least 10 minutes a day! 10 minutes really is nothing if you want to conquer this!. It is really no good if you do one hour a week, as you can easily forget what you previously learnt. Make sure Teeline is in your head all the time. When you hear a word you have not put into Teeline before, you should be thinking about how to do it. Remember the principles of Teeline and you will be able to put any word into shorthand.

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