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Wot no stripes?

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Metal Chicken

Is that really all it would take to make a quagga - breed a non-stripey zebra? Aren't they called horses? Sorry, I'm not that well up on the evolutionary history of zebras but didn't common zebras and quaggas have a common ancestor rather than quaggas evolve from the common zebra?
Hmmm, maybe I should follow your link before I comment further smiley - winkeye

Wot no stripes?

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Check out this link for a picture


Wot no stripes?

Post 3

Metal Chicken

Aw, poor thing. It looks like somebody started at the head end painting white stripes but ran out of paint half way down the poor beast's neck!

Wot no stripes?

Post 4

Princess Bride

very sad, looks like it's having a lot of fun in captivity... i bet zoos back then weren't exactly pleasant...

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