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Large Amounts of Info

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The biggest drawback of teletext is when there are large amounts of information and you end up having 20 or more pages which take 6 or 7 minutes to flick round. Especially if you go in at page 3 and the information you want is on 2/23.

Large Amounts of Info

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Caveman, Evil Unix Sysadmin, betting shop operative, and SuDoku addict (Its an odd mix, but someone has to do it)

Finding page 3/23 when you want page 2 is annoying.

What is baffling is that if one page occupies 1k, and there are 800 (maximum user addressable) pages (100-899 incl), and that if we assume that each page has on average four sub-pages, that's 2400k total information per channel.

With memory prices the way they are, why haven't TV manufacturers stuck 4Mb
RAM into their TV's, or used a chip by some clever person who has integrated a
meg or three of RAM onto the decoder, so that there's no delay?

Then of course there's this promised 'Digital Teletext' which should come with
digital TV. I get to find out about this on Friday next week when someone is
due round to stick an electric dustbin lid on my house...

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