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a girl called Ben

Ok, I got four packets of jelly crystals, (non gelatin, suitable for vegetarians). I made the two orange packets up per instructions, adding 2x 3/4 of a pint of boiling water and 2x 1/4 of a pint of cold, and got perfectly sober perfectly made orange jelly.

I made the two raspberry ones up with half a bottle of Absolut. I did them in metric, for some wierd reason. But basically I made them up with about 2x 1/2 a pint of boiling water, waited for it to cool to blood heat and then added 2x 1/2 pint of Absolut and Water which was itself about 4/5ths Absolute and the rest was water to top up.

What I got was lumpy red syrup that tasted INCREDIBLY strongly of spirit. It was very nice, but it wasnt jelly.

If I was doing it again, I would make up the mix with about half or two thirds the recommended amount of fluid, which was itself about half to two thirds water. Or else do it as I did, but add extra gelatin. (So per packet of Jelly, at 20floz per pint per packet, 4floz hot water, 5floz vodka, 4floz cold water, or there-abouts).

I am not saying this would work, just that it would be less syrupy, a little less spirited, and much more like jelly.

It was good though, and it kicked like a mule. smiley - drunk


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Runny Vodka Jelly

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