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The perfect mix?

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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Over the last year or so, I've been experimenting a little with the amount of vodka. For a one pint jelly, it seems that optimal results occur when one third of the liquid is vodka.

The jelly sets, there is a slight taste of vodka (depending on what flavour jelly you used), but you really get the effects of the vodka!

The perfect mix?

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I tried that 1/3 of vodka and 2/3 water mix and it wasn't very good. Actually it was pretty horrible. It didn't help to try other tastes. After thad I'd say that pure vodka is the best!

The perfect mix?

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I've found that a good mixture is to use a whole bottle (750ml) of vodka - don't waste any expensive stuff.

For this, you need 3 x 135g packs of jelly, 450ml of boiling water and 600ml of cold water.

Cut the jelly, dissolve in boiling water, add vodka & cold water, leave overnight.

Don't try and eat it all by yourself, not a good idea.

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