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In defence of dried twigs

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Now to be fair potpourri's origins were in a time when scents came from flowers - not laboratories- and adversion to bathing was considered healthy.Sheets were scented with lavender by laying them on lavender bushes to dry and as any aromatherapist will kindly point out the things that assail the nostrils can have profound effects on mood , frame of mind and desire..... ylang ylang and jasmine for the more exotics but apparantly licorace and pumpkin combined is better than antler velvet.!
I'm more a fan of the natural versions rather than the ubiquitious wood shaving variety but the subtlety and visual appeal of a well made pot pouri or the delights of lavender stuffed pillows beat what you can spray or plug in in this rather smelly polluted world.There are always those who make pretension into an art form whether it is wine , a new restaurant , clothes or breeding [ in- breeding ]....
But that's not the fault of the substance - just the consumer....
PS - FYI - Pot pourri's translation means "rotted pot" and refers to the earliest pot pourris which were made from plant material and salt and the resultant gooey mess actually released fragrance as it rotted so was unsightly but effective - dry pot pourris were a later invention and the wood shaving variety an aberration as the scent is added rather than coming naturally from the material.


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Ummmm sorry about the double posting ....ummm - danged machine seemed to hang and thought this hadn't gone through - so sorry smiley - smiley

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In defence of dried twigs

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