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Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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Among her other crimes against humanity, she was responsible for taking away those free one-third pint bottles of milk that we used to get given in schools in England. We'll be counting the cost in increased medical treatment for broken bones due to calcium deficiency for years to come. Dentist's profits should be up though, so it's not all bad.

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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I think she's also the only Prime Minister to have been refused an honoury degree on account of her 'services' to education.

In fact, someone at Somerville, where she studied Chemistry, described her as 'a mediocre chemist' and little else. The college then went on to build the over-funded Margaret Thatcher Conference Centre in a quadrangle named after the celebrated chemist and socialist, Dorothy Hodgkin.

I met her once and managed to keep a civil tongue. She is now reduced to a truly mad old woman - small and stooped, so, one would hope, suffering from a calcium deficiency...

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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It's a nice thought. I seem to recall Ben Elton doing a sketch a few years ago, centred around the fact that she was suffering from some muscular / bone related problem which was causing her hand to be bunched up like a claw - presumably the same affliction that's left her stooped now. The madness, however, was always apparent.

Incidentally, it's a lot easier for people to talk to you on here if you do something with your homepage - even if you just delete the standard text and replace it with a couple of words. Until you do, people can't leave messages on it.

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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Ahhh. Okay then - found out. I'm not terribly good at this, am I?!

I'll give it a shot at the weekend, howzat?

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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I only mentioned it because I got a very similar message from someone about two weeks ago asking me to change mine. You don't have to put much in it, but until you delete the original text people can't post to it. Have fun writing!

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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Researcher 144007

Personally, I judged this as one of her few righteous acts. Milk in those wee 1/3 pint bottles, having sat in a warm classroom all morning always tasted like liquid cheese. About as appetising as a slap in the face from a dead hamster.

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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Lord Lopper

I have to disagree.
It was very much the highlight of the day seeing how quickly you could get the bubbles to overflow from the bottle by blowing down the straw.

The woman was a callous privilaged bully and an embarrassment to this nation, long may she suffer for her crimes against humanity.

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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I always enjoyed watching all us boys take the blue milk bottle topped milk and the girls the red tops. Maggies Thatcher ruined my ability to judge what a boy should take and what a girl should take. SHE RUINED MY LIFE. Lord Lopper I agree

Maggie Thatcher - Milk Snatcher

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Gaggle Halgrunt

I'm with researcher 144777...ish on this one. I remember throwing up after being forced to drink a bottle of warm milk that had curdled in the hot summer sun. The wintertime was just as bad - drinking digusting frozen milk.
And, remember how the birds used to get at it first - picking through the bottle tops?


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