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Congratulations Old Wolf!
I' a native of Canberra myself and can concur with nearly all of what's in this informative, enetertaining piece.

A couple of things worry me though, When did ANU get a name change, I was always under the impression that, that was the uni that 'Pig-iron Bob' wanted founded, or was it CCAE? That nost definately got a name change and thankfully from all reports it hasn't affected 'stone week very much'.

Speaking of stone week, would it be at all appropriate to mentioned the decriminalised nature of the wicked weed? It is, after all a tourist drawcard.

Finally I must stick up for the roundabout. Having left the treed vistas of this nation's fair capital I have had the pleasure of seeing the worst road systems in Australia played out before me. I speak of Sydney and Melbourne. Go stop, Go, stop, stop, stop, --- get out sterring wheel lock, road rage. Whilst initialy confusing I find these wonderous circles to be great for traffic.

I really appreciate how wonderfully you captured the great betrayl of ACT self government. Someting we couldn't afford then or now, and something we didn't want. It was because of the great budget cuts that this caused that the chief of police addressed the legislature and said "Well... we can afford to police the murder laws or the marijuana laws, it's up to you."

Thanks for a great article smiley - smiley --- Ado!

P.S. There are moves afoot to have the Aboriginal Tent Embassy permanently installed in about a third of the old Parliament house as a local recognised base to do the work of reconciliation... your thoughts?

Nice one!

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doreiwolf (why not try A682652?) (Alpha Low Thingite Patron, Defender of Wibble, Pagan Younger and Official Pooper Scooper)

G'day Ado!

Thanks for your kind words. Good to know I didn't stuff up /completely/ though it just occurred to me I forgot to mention Anzac Parade...*slap on wrist*

Umm...ANU never changed it's name. I've just had a look through the article and can't see where it said it did, but then I know what it's /supposed/ to say. If it's unclear, tell me and I'll drop the Editor a line about it.

And the stuff about the Tent Embassy...hmm.

Ok, I think it should stay where it is. Maybe give them a more permanant building, but there's more significance attached to the current site in my view. I'm also skeptical about the motives of giving them the space inside Old Parliament House. I'm wondering if it's more feelgood thing to avoid doing anything concrete.

With regards to your comments about roundabouts. Maybe you might want to knock up an 'alternative view' piece to mine and offer it as an amendment or separate article? Just my .02 C (hmm, round down...0 cents...that didn't work smiley - smiley worth.

Old Wolf

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