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ZBS is a non-profit arts organization producing contemporary audio drama. Some people describe the kind of audio drama that ZBS are responsible for, as being among the wildest, funniest and most imaginative you are likely to find. ZBS stands for Zany BullSh*t and they have a studio located on a 40 acre farm in central New York state, USA.

Early Daze

Started in 1970 by a group of media professionals, the weekly ZBS farm report in the early '70s featured interviews with such cultural luminaries as Ken Kesey, John Lennon, Frank Zappa, Ram Dass, and Jerry Garcia. Their artist-in-residence programme, with Laurie Anderson, Phillip Glass, and Allen Ginsberg, among others, has long provided an experimental environment for inspired artists.

The Fulton and Clark Team

High quality audio engineering using binaural 3-D sound reproduction enhances the creative stories by Meatball Fulton and enchanting music by Tim Clark. The Fulton and Clark team has travelled around the world recording sounds from many varied places and cultures. The sounds of Morocco, Indonesia, India, and Brazil are just a few of the places the listener can experience with the adventurous Jack Flanders, in search of spiritual treasures, without ever leaving the comfort of their living room.

If sci-fi is your bag, then Ruby: Galactic Gumshoe, is sure to take you to new heights of humour as the heroine Ruby tracks down the culprits responsible for manipulating the media. A few of the many other titles included are 'Dinotopia', a wonderful story for both children and adults by James Gurney, 'The Mist', a horror story by Stephen King, and 'The Insider's Lounge', a kind of country-western 'twilight zone' by Leslie Fuller.

Promoting Awareness of the Arts

These award winning productions have aired on hundreds of stations in the United States, as well as 23 other countries. The purpose of the ZBS Foundation is to raise consciousness through the media. That's why you'll discover some interesting little gems in these stories. They've been plucked from the wisdom of the ages and placed there for your discovery and enjoyment. Funding is provided by grants for the arts1, sales, and donations.

Proceeds from the sales of recorded audio tapes help to support ZBS's continued 'not for profit' media exploration of the great artistic unknown.

1Public funding for the arts in the US has now dwindled down to almost nothing.

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