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...what is the plural of rhinoceros?
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I was about to reply with "rhinoceroses", but then decided to ask Merriam-Webster (www.m-w.com).

Main Entry: rhi·noc·er·os
Pronunciation: rI-'näs-r&s, r&-, -'nä-s&-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -noc·er·os·es or -noc·er·os or rhi·noc·eri /-'nä-s&-"rI/


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Webster's Dictionary of colloquial malapropisms notwithstanding, myself, I think in a serious article, I would go with the Oxford English Dictionary, recommended in many American collegiate schools as a better guide to precise and careful usage.

With Webster, it is sufficient to show five authors making the same usage of a word for that to become an accepted usage by Webster, a policy that is susceptible to abuse, which also encourages carelessness.

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