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Huevos Rosa Lidia

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Followed this recipe last night, with some extras.

Put some potatoes on to boil first. Then prepare and cook the mixture for Huevos Habaneros.

By the time you add the sherry and tomatoes, the potatoes should be ready to mash. Use lots of milk and add a good dollop of mustard. (Doesn't need much butter) Carnivores can add chopped smoked ham as well.

Butter the middle of the bottom of a large dish. Slap the mash into it and shove it out to the sides with a fork. Don't be fussy or level it off, but make sure it's at least as high as the sides of the dish.

Spoon the mixture into the hollow in the middle, and break the eggs over the top, add butter and bake in the oven as normal.

The potatoes will go golden brown at the same time as the eggs set & you have a complete filling meal. Very handy for large parties as you can make it in Despearte-Dan quantities with high potato walls rising above the sides of the dish and enclosing the vegetables and mixture...

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Huevos Rosa Lidia

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